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August 6, 2020

In-Home Newborn Session FAQ’s | Newborn Photography OKC Edmond

One of the reasons I became a photographer was because I wanted to be able to take photos my daughter once she was born. I never wanted to forget the details of her tiny perfect fingers, delicate eyelashes, and fuzzy newborn skin. Thus, in-home lifestyle newborn sessions have a special piece of my heart, and I wanted to take some time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions I receive as I offer lifestyle newborn photography in OKC and Edmond. 


What do I need to do to prepare my home?

Pleeeeease don’t worry about actually cleaning your home – this is the last thing I want you to be stressed about! You can do some basic de-cluttering for me in the spaces we will most likely shoot: the nursery, your master, and your family room. You can also turn off all overhead lighting and open the curtains / blinds in those rooms, as I will use all natural window light during your newborn session. It’s likely that I’ll still be re-arranging a few things here and there as I go but that’s it – it’s that simple!

New parents hold baby girl in nursery during a lifestyle newborn session in OKC Edmond

What should we wear?

Comfort is KEY during in-home newborn sessions. This is not the time to worry about dressing up. Embrace that homey, cozy vibe and tell dad he can leave the shoes and the collared shirt in the closet and grab the t-shirt / casual sweater instead. Many new mamas are comfortable in a loose house dress, or leggings with a tee and/or long comfy sweater.

what mom should wear for a newborn session
what dad should wear for a newborn session

Dress your baby in something simple – we don’t want to distract from the all the little details we are trying to capture. Onesies or simple gowns like this are great – and we will try to do some diaper-only shots if the baby tolerates it as well. 

For everyone – muted, earthy tones always photograph well in this type of session, as they won’t distract from the baby or cast any odd colors onto the baby’s skin. A smaller print or basic striped swaddle / outfit can be just fine too! Avoid super bright / neon colors, as well as logos / script on tees. 

what baby should wear for a newborn session
Newborn baby stretches during lifestyle newborn photography session in Oklahoma City


Will you bring anything with you?

Nope, not really! Just me, my camera, and probably my ladder (short photographer problems). I do not bring any wraps, swaddles, or props. 

What exactly happens and how long is the session?

Since these sessions are lifestyle in nature, my goal is to photograph your family loving on your new baby and each other in this unique newborn season. In no particular order, we’ll make sure to photograph your whole family together, each family member with the baby, and the baby alone. Don’t worry – I’ll guide and direct you the whole way! I never set a time limit on in-home newborn sessions, because I’m a mom too and I know that babies don’t just fall into our schedule / plans like we sometimes want them to! That being said, these sessions usually last around 60-90 minutes.

Lifestyle Newborn Photographer session in OKC Edmond

Does my baby need to be asleep when you arrive? What if they get fussy or hungry? 

Absolutely not. I’ve photographed babies who slept the whole time, others who were awake throughout, and some who were fussier and needed more soothing throughout. I completely expect your baby to need to eat, be changed, and/or be soothed at some point during our session – they are newborns after all, and being dependent on you is kind of their job! Taking breaks is so important, appropriate, and totally welcomed by me. Again, my timing with you is flexible, so please don’t feel stressed about any of these things. 

What about siblings?

Speaking of taking breaks, your toddlers and older children will absolutely need some during our session too! Gaining a new sibling can be stressful for kiddos. If your toddler is having a meltdown when I get there, seriously don’t worry about it – let’s let them go play and I promise they’ll get interested again and come back to join the family at some point. Lucky for you, I’m quick with the camera and only need a few seconds here and there to capture the sweetness (or funny moments) between sibs. Leave the directing up to me – sometimes kiddos will listen to a new voice a little easier in these scenarios, and I always try to keep it fun and light. Also, we all know how a good (non-messy) snack can go a long way – so I recommend having one or two on hand for your bigger kids. 

Siblings with newborn baby during lifestyle newborn photography session


We’re already booked, but how do we actually schedule our session once the baby arrives? 

When your baby arrives, you can send me a quick email or text to let me know. We’ll then work together to find a date for your session typically within the first 2-3 weeks of life. Since babies (and sometimes siblings!) tend to be happier during the morning hours, I start most newborn sessions around 10AM.


Don’t stress, mama! All you have to do is get dressed. Let me do all the rest of the work. I promise we’ll tell a beautiful story through your gallery that you can cherish for years to come! 

infant girl laying on bed during photography session with lifestyle newborn photographer Haley Kinzie

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