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September 2, 2020

What to Wear to Fall Family Photos | Edmond Family Photographer

Whew, we’ve made it to September guys! This means two very exciting things – we’re finally closing in on the downhill stretch of 2020 (thank goodness, am I right?), and it’s time to start planning out what to wear to your fall family photos! Double yay! 

Most importantly, there is no real right answer to the age-old question of what to wear. The following are my best suggestions based upon what I think photographs well and the colors that work best with my editing style. Ultimately, you should wear what looks and feels like you and your family!

Parents hold toddler boy near lake.


Whether you have a backdrop of golden grasses, fall leaves, or evergreen trees, warm and earthy tones look best in the fall. You’re going to want to leave the really bright / neon colors at home, and look for something a little softer or more muted. It’s always good to try to coordinate your family’s outfit colors together, but avoid matching.

Fall Family Photos Color Palette

Mom’s Outfit Comes First! 

This is always my first piece of advice when discussing clothing for a session. Mom, we want you to feel beautiful and confident, so pick your outfit first and then coordinate the rest of your family with it. I love a good midi or maxi dress/skirt, for a few reasons: A dress/skirt adds movement and visual interest to your images, photographs well, and is very flattering! It’s best to avoid shorter dresses, as you won’t be able to play/move around as easily, and they make sitting poses a little more tricky. If you’re more comfortable in a blouse or sweater, that’s great too! 

A few of my favorite places to find pretty and affordable dresses are: One Loved Babe, Roolee, Piper & Scoot, & Baltic Born

What to wear to Fall Family Photos

Patterns and Prints and Textures, oh my! 

Patterns and textures photograph beautifully and again add nice visual interest to an image, so don’t be afraid of them! Adding in at least one of these elements makes for a really pretty gallery. You can even thoughtfully mix patterns, as long as they aren’t competing. 

Fall Family Photo Session in Edmond Oklahoma

Kids: Comfort is Key! 

A lifestyle family session with me means a lot of snuggling, playing, and sometimes running around. Because we all want to be having as much fun as possible, let’s keep the kids wearing what they’re comfortable and happy in. No one wants to be worried about keeping tailored shirts tucked in or finicky collars down, and I promise if your kids don’t wear this type of clothing on a regular basis, they will not be happy campers on session day! Simple t-shirts, rompers, dresses, etc. are perfect! On a chilly day, layering a well-fitting sweater or cardigan, or adding a knit tight can keep the kids happier for longer, and it all looks great on camera too. If mom’s dress is patterned, pull colors from there; if mom’s dress is solid, now is the time to find a fun pattern for one of the kids! 

My favorite places to shop for kids are: H&M, Zara, Rylee & Cru, and One Loved Babe Kids

What your child should wear to your Family Photo Session

Dressing Dad: 

Have you guys figured out my theme of “keep it comfortable” yet?? Just like the rest of your family, dad needs to be able to move around easily, chase and tickle kiddos, etc. Casual chinos, jeans, or cords, plus a t-shirt, pullover, or casual button down all make great outfit options for dad.

When dressing my husband for our family photos, I always have great luck with Target or Old Navy

What dad should wear to Family Photography Session


Don’t forget to find comfortable and appropriate shoes for the whole family. Have the kids (and dad) avoid sneakers/tennis shoes/flip flops, and look for a casual boot, slip-on, moccasin, etc. instead! Keep it close-toed in the fall. Cat and Jack at Target always has adorable and affordable options for kids! 

Parents hold toddler's hand during Family Photos in Oklahoma City

A few final tips / things to avoid:

While it’s fine for kiddos, mom and dad should avoid wearing horizontal stripes. Just trust me!

Don’t wear shirts with logos or writing on them. 

Opt out of solid black: It tends to either disappear or look linty up close (haha!).

My editing is on the warmer side, so I discourage wearing *a lot* of blue. While a little bit of navy or a lighter earthy blue is okay, it’s best to avoid an all-blue look, and especially bright or royal blues. 

If you’re stumped on a family member’s outfit, it’s totally cool to put someone in a neutral like white or grey. 

Whew, if you made this far – nice job!! You’re well on your way to dressing your whole family for your fall photos. Remember, I’m always here to help and give advice if you want to send me outfit ideas / options. And don’t forget to check out my Instagram stories for more outfit inspo! Happy shopping friends!! 

Mom and dad sit with toddler boy.
Family snuggles toddler boy near lake
Dad and mom tickle toddler boy during family photos
  1. John Armato says:

    Great article! I often have to tell my male headshots clients to not shove all their clothes in a backpack, Really lovely photos!

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