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May 1, 2021

How to Dress For Spring or Summer Family Photos | OKC Family Photographer

So you’ve booked your spring or summer family photos, and now you’re ready to tackle perhaps the most daunting part of your upcoming session: How to dress??? Don’t worry mom and dad – I’m here to help and show you that you don’t have to spend a small fortune or all of your time on coordinating outfits. 

How to Dress For Spring or Summer Family Photos

Tip #1: Look for lighter, spring, or neutral colors

With lush grasses and trees all around, spring and summer sessions are the perfect time for light, springy, or neutral palettes. Rather than matching, I always suggest coordinating your family’s outfit colors together. Choosing a few favorites from the chart below is a great place to start! It’s best to avoid greens, so that no one gets lost against your pretty backdrop, and as always, leave the neon colors and any logos at home.

Spring Summer Color Palette

Tip #2: Don’t shop til you drop 

Some people just love shopping, but no shame if that’s not you! I’m a big advocate that not everything has to be new for your family photos. Spring and summer are the perfect time to pull basics from your family’s wardrobe (t-shirts, rompers, bottoms, sandals), and supplement with a few fun new items. Here are my go-to shops that won’t break the bank, and where I always look first for my own family photos – 

Mama – One Loved Babe / Roolee / Piper & Scoot / Baltic Born

Kiddos – Zara Kids / Rylee & Cru 

Whole family – Old Navy / Target / H&M 

Go-to shops for family photos

Tip #3: Let it flow! 

If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you know what I’m going to say: Dresses (or other flowy pieces) can add such great movement and visual interest to your images, and well, they’re beautiful! If dresses aren’t your thing, that’s totally okay! Flowy blouses, skirts, wide leg pants, rompers, etc., are all great choices as well. 

Let it flow! Dresses add movement and visual interest to your images

Tip #4: Comfy Comfy Comfy 

I’m a big believer that family photos should be fun. We do a lot of playing, snuggling, and running around during our session, so it’s key that everyone is comfortable in what they’re wearing. Think outfits / accessories that won’t malfunction or need a lot of fluffing or fixing. If you couldn’t play around comfortably in your back yard in your session clothes, consider what might work better for this type of playful setting. This goes for you and your kiddos alike! Overalls or rompers are great for any kiddo, and don’t forget the comfy shoes! Oh and if your little one is wearing a dress and is still in diapers, grab those bloomers or a little diaper cover 🙂  

Comfort is Key when dressing for family photos
mother snuggles with girls in a wildflower field

Tip #5: Don’t be afraid of patterns & textures 

Once again, those of you who know me definitely think I sound like a broken record by now.. because patterns & textures are also my jam. It’s always nice to incorporate at least one of these into your family’s look, as it breaks up the visual of everyone in plain solids. Go with either one bolder pattern with everyone else in complimenting neutrals, or thoughtfully mix a couple of smaller patterns together. 

Coordinating family outfits during family photo session
Mother wears bold pattern dress during photography session with daughter and husband

Tip #6: Rad Dads 

Don’t stress, dad! Just like the rest of your family, dad needs to be able to move around easily.. and carry, chase, toss and tickle kiddos. Basic t-shirts, Henleys, casual button-downs are all great. Again, think of what you might wear to play with your kiddos at the park – something that looks and feels the most natural to you in that setting is perfect. 

how dads should dress for spring or summer family photos

Tip #7: When in doubt, ask me! 

As I always say, there is no real right answer to the question of how to dress for spring or summer family photos. These are just my best suggestions based upon what I think photographs well during this season, and what other families have been most comfortable in. Ultimately, you should wear what looks and feels like you and your family! But when in doubt, ask me! If you need any more help / guidance, I’m always here to help and give my opinion if you send me outfit ideas or options. Good luck and happy coordinating! 

When in doubt, ask me for tips on how to dress for spring or summer family photos

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