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April 26, 2021

5 Reasons to Consider a Summer Photo Session | Edmond Family Photographer

When most people think of scheduling their annual family photos, they think of the fall season. The brightly colored changing leaves are such a beautiful backdrop after all! But just because this may be the norm, doesn’t mean you have to do it that way each and every year. I’m here to fill you in on 5 reasons why you should consider a summer photo session this year.

5 Reasons to Consider a Summer Photo Session

Reason #1: Life is a lot less crazy 

Let’s face it – we all have busy schedules and full plates, and that’s true for most of the school year. Fall can be the worst of all, as kids are getting back into school and sports, not to mention all the extracurriculars and holidays. But for a lot of us, life in the summertime slows down a little bit. With kids out of school, schedules are often a little less crazy than they are during the rest of the year. Furthermore, the sun sets so much later in the summer. So for family photos, this translates into more time to get ready on session day, and less time rushing out the door with everyone in a tizzy. On top of that, even if your kiddos stay up past their regular bedtime for photos, it’s summertime so you can just let them sleep it off the next day! 

scheduling summer photos is more relaxing

Reason #2: Outfits are easier to plan 

Unless shopping is one of your favorite pastimes, choosing outfits for family photos can become a burden. Fall colors are always fun to coordinate, but you also have to consider how you’ll keep everyone layered and warm. But when I think of summer sessions, I think of flowy dresses, rompers, and bare feet! In my opinion, this makes outfit planning just a bit easier, and who isn’t down for that?! 

summer outfits are easier to plan

Summer also gives our little ones the freedom to shed those clothes completely at the end of the session if they’re just not feelin it anymore… because why not?! HA!

Reason #3: There’s nothing quite like that golden summer sun 

Photographers love golden hour for a reason, and there’s just something extra special about that golden summer sun. Fall sun is gorgeous of course too, but fall can also be unpredictably grey sometimes, and that’s just a lot less likely in the summertime. Bonus for being able to take advantage of your sun-kissed tanned skin too! 

golden summer sun family photos

Reason #4: It’s fun to switch things up!

If you’ve always done your yearly family photos during the same season, it’s fun to switch things up every once in a while! This year, you might consider trading the fall leaves for wildflowers or lush green landscapes instead. After all, the most colorful fall leaves only peak in Oklahoma for a couple of weeks at most before everything turns brown… but summer greens last from May all the way to early September.

family snuggles during summer photography session

Reason #5: You can check family photos off your list 

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love crossings things off of lists?! If you schedule a summer session, you get to check those family photos off your list, pick out a holiday card early, and move on with your year! Better yet, you get to enjoy the whole holiday season without worrying about photos.

collage of summer family photos in oklahoma city edmond

P.S. Worried about finding a holiday card that color coordinates with your summer session? Check out all the options at Minted and you’ll be sure to find something you love!  

Check family photos off the list with a summer session this year

So what do you think? Have I convinced you to at least consider a summer photo session this year? Right now I am booked up through June, but still have a handful of July and many August dates available! If you’re interested, I’d love to hear from you!

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