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So your photo session is done and you can breathe a sigh of relief! At this point you may be wondering what to do with the images after your gallery is delivered.

Most of us remember the warm and nostalgic feeling of thumbing through photo albums or photo boxes from our childhood. I honestly even still love looking through them at my mom and grandmother's houses, and sharing them with my children. The last thing you want after investing in your family photos is for them die a slow death on a forgotten hard drive somewhere, or sit buried so far within your phone's photos app that you have to scroll and scroll and scroll some more to even find them! 

Your family photos deserve to be held in your hands and hung on your walls. Your photos are meant to be looked at, enjoyed, and soaked in by you and your loved ones over and over again! In case you're still not convinced, did you know that studies have even shown that displaying physical family photos in the home actually boosts children's self esteem?! It's true! And if you think about it, it makes sense - every time our kids see themselves in that joyful family photo, they are reminded of the love their family shares and their place in the world. 

In a digital age, we have to be intentional about getting our photos off of our devices and onto our walls, coffee tables, and into our hands! I'm here to make that process seamless, beautiful, and even fun for you after your photo session! After all, family photos truly are some of our most important legacies we can leave our children and our loved ones.  

Why invest in an album or prints?

Keepsake photo albums

Keepsake photo albums are such a special way to preserve your sweetest memories, and they are true heirloom pieces to pass down to the next generation! 

Albums are 10x10, linen covered, with thick, matte lay-flat pages. The quality of the pages and the printed colors are truly beautiful. Linen cover choices include white, neutral sand, and a dark charcoal grey.

Albums are artistically and carefully designed by me and include your very favorite photos from our session together! 

Turnaround time from order to delivery is typically 4-6 weeks.

linen color pictured: neutral sand

album investment & ordering

1 keepsake album = $350. 
2+ keepsake albums = $300/each

After ordering, you'll need to take care of two important steps before I begin work on your album:
1) You'll receive a quick questionnaire to fill out, which includes cover color and title preferences
2) You'll create a Favorites List on your online gallery, so that I know which photos you want included 

Once those steps are completed, I will then get to work on your gorgeous album! After designing the album, I will have it shipped to myself to confirm that it looks perfect before reaching out to you to schedule a time for pickup. 

Order your keepsake album by clicking HERE! 

Interested in ordering an album but it's been a while since your session? Reach out to me and we'll chat! Chances are I still have your gallery archived and I can easily help you access it again to create your Favorites List.

fine art prints

The absolute best time to order prints is right after your gallery is delivered! If you take care of it right away while everything is fresh on your mind and you're excited about your images, it won't have to sit on your to-do list for the next 2 years (I might be speaking from personal experience, yikes haha!). 

I highly encourage you to avoid printing your photos anywhere except a professional print lab. Most local print options just do not have high caliber printers, and thus the colors and skin tones are almost always way off. If you're in a pinch and need a quick print in the next 2 hours, I get it and you do what you have to do! But beyond that, I recommend shopping the Print Store attached to your gallery. My professional printing lab delivers only the highest quality prints on the highest quality archival papers, with colors and skin tones being the most consistent to what you see on screen. 

Let's take a minute to break down the Print Store so you'll know exactly what you're looking at. 

In the Print Store, you will see both a-la-carte prints and print packages. 

A-la-carte prints:
You'll notice that these come in two types: "print" and "fine art print." The main difference here is the paper type. The "print" option uses a professional lustre paper, (not old-school glossy, don't worry) and I recommend this option for any print you want to hang on your wall or display in a picture frame.
"Fine art prints," on the other hand, are inkjet printed on a thicker professional-grade archival paper, and have a matte finish. The thickness and matte surface texture of these prints make them easy to handle without leaving any fingerprints. I recommend these fine art prints for prints you want to place in an heirloom photo box, as pictured below. 

Print packages: 
Print packages are only offered with the "fine art prints" described above. These packages are thus perfectly designed for you to order a bulk of favorite prints, and place them for easy viewing in an heirloom photo box in your family room, in a baby's nursery, etc. 

Click here to order your own photo boxes as pictured below. 

Any questions? 

I hope you can see and feel the value in printing your photos and filling your home with them.
Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions you may have! 

All the love,

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